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Our Values define who we are and how we treat each other and our customers.

We encourage all our Associates to live them every day.

We are Giant/Martin’s.

Sue Rambo, Bakery Manager, Store #6310 Thorndale, PA


Sue Rambo, Bakery Manager
Store #6310, Thorndale, PA

“Sue challenges herself and her team to deliver on every goal. Sue’s team broke their sales record in 2016 – twice!”

Jason Sotak, Produce Manager, Store #6335, Whitehall, PA


Jason Sotak, Produce Manager

Store #6335, Whitehall, PA

“Jason has been an active member of the Whitehall Fire Department for 22 years. He is always ready to step upto any challenge!”

Sarah Baldini, Cashier, Store #6481, Conshohocken, PA


Sarah Baldini, Cashier

Store #6481, Conshohocken, PA

“On Halloween and every day, Sarah engages with our customers to make shopping fun!”

Produce Manager Ryan Moore And Cashier Tash Harris, Store #6329, Lansdowne, PA


Ryan Moore, Produce Manager
Tash Harris, Cashier

Store #6329, Lansdowne, PA

“During the week before Valentine’s Day, Tash pitched in to help Ryan on the Floral Lead’s day off. They kept the department looking great!”

Mike Rugalla, Service Associate, Store #6279, N. Hanover Twp., PA


Mike Rugalla, Service Associate

Store #6279, N. Hanover Twp., PA

“Mike absolutely loves what he does! He greets every child who enters the store with a sticker and has even gone out of his way to buy balloons for kids when he finds out it is their birthday. He has created many loyal customers.”

Cathy Dunkel, Fuel Associate, Store #6279, N. Hanover Twp., PA


Cathy Dunkel, Fuel Associate

Store #6279, N. Hanover Twp., PA

“Cathy greets every customer with a friendly ‘Good morning!’ She also keeps a box of dog treats handy for any customers with pets to Plus 1 their experience with a small gift.”

Jess Pastorella, Deli Manager, Store #6446, Reading, PA


Jess Pastorella, Deli Manager

Store #6446, Reading, PA

“A customer who works 3rd shift came into the store for some cheese very early in the morning. Jess asked if she needed help and was happy to handle the customer’s request even though the Deli was not open yet.”

Lisa Kirk, Pharmacist, Store #6425, Rising Sun, MD


Lisa Kirk, Pharmacist

Store #6425, Rising Sun, MD

“Lisa took ownership of our recent health fair event. She informed diabetic patients on healthy eating habits. She is always ready to help our customers with proper blood sugar tracking and interpreting the results.”

Brent Nelms, Pharmacy Manager, Store #6506, Wynnewood, PA


Brent Nelms, Pharmacy Manager

Store #6506, Wynnewood, PA

“Brent spends time with each patient, explaining medications and making our customers truly feel cared for in a very genuine way.”

Ted Tacconelli, Grocery Associate, Store #6507, St. Davids, PA


Ted Tacconelli, Grocery Associate

Store #6507, St. David’s, PA

“Ted actually saved a co-worker’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver when she was unable to breathe.”