John P | Store #6325

NOMINATED BY: John is our Store Manager, and he has instilled a sense of customer care in the store that makes me proud to be an employee! On Christmas Eve, a customer came into the store and proceeded to explain to me how she had been looking for a wreath all over town and how none of the stores had any left. She explained how her twin sister was unable to make it home, to lay one on her son’s grave who had committed suicide years ago and the family always remembered him with a Christmas wreath. I knew the store was out of wreaths as well, but when I asked John if there was anything we could do. He went immediately to the office where he had put aside a wreath to take home for his family. Without hesitating he gave the wreath to this customer and wished her a Merry Christmas. It would have been easy for John to say we had no wreaths (he hadn’t even heard her story), but with John the customer always comes first! VALUE: Putting the Customer First

Janice F | Store #6292

NOMINATED BY: Stefen S FOR:  Janice goes above and beyond to help anyone in the front end as well as the entire store! VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Stefen P | Store #6055

NOMINATED BY: Aleshia E FOR:  He is always helping everyone. He is the sweetest guy ever and always has a smile on his face. VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Dorene D | Store #6447

NOMINATED BY: Mallory P FOR: She goes above and beyond every day to make sure the job is done and done well. She works extra hours and double shifts. She is the glue in our department and makes everything run smoothly. We’d fall apart without her! VALUE: Winning Together

Autumn K | Store #6534

NOMINATED BY: Laura T FOR: Autumn has gone above and beyond in her title as Lead Checkout coach. Autumn not only has great customer service skills but her ability to train, develop and excite her front end. I look forward to seeing her career develop! Thank you Autumn for all of your hard work! VALUE: Winning Together

Sherry S | Store #6542

Sherry Shepard AC GC


NOMINATED BY: Joe J FOR: Sherry works in store #6542, she jumped into help open #6539 on Grand Opening Day and the following 2 days – And WOW !!!! She did a great job engaging with the customers. Sherry multi tasked on the first 3 days of the Grand Opening from helping with samples and getting the meat department ready for business.  Meat / Seafood Specialist Joe J would like to recognize Sherry as a district 141 Hero. Thanks Sherry for your outstanding dedication at MY GIANT! VALUE: Getting Better Everyday

Tim B | Store # 6120

NOMINATED BY: Laura C FOR: On December 1st, we had an incident at our fuel site where a customer’s vehicle engine caught fire. The customer immediately moved the vehicle away from the the site and that’s when Tim sprang into action. After notifying store management, he ran out, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and he calmly put the fire out. Tim prevented potentially, a very serious situation. Great job, Tim! VALUE: Doing What’s Right

Sandra J | Store # 6435

NOMINATED BY: Matthew K FOR: Sandra always goes above and beyond to to make our store better and have it looking great for the customers.  She is always decorating the store for the customers to enjoy! VALUE: Getting Better Every Day

Aniyah | Store #6526

NOMINATED BY: Carole L FOR: Aniyah is always always very helpful to our customers and associates. Her personality is out of this world. I have seen some customers upset or impatient, and by the time Aniyah is done with them they are laughing together, and the customers are thanking her. She has a win win personality! VALUE: Putting the Customer First

Beth K | Store #6479

NOMINATED BY: Anita N FOR: Beth is always available no matter what the job. She is quite able to do a multitude of jobs!  She works the front end, pricing, floral, bakery, cao, natural and organic, and hbc. She can literally do it all! VALUE: Winning Together

Janet C | Store #6435

NOMINATED BY: Tanya B FOR: It’s a pleasure for me to nominate Janet C as a team player and putting customers first. She performs so well in many positions. As a cashier, she has the best smile, this makes her so approachable to customers.  She is dependable, committed and has a great sense of humor. She knows and say exactly what customers need to hear. She assist them to the best of her ability. Everything would be better if more people were like Janet. Finally, Janet is making a difference to customers and those around her. VALUE: Putting the Customer First

Dan G | Store #6090


NOMINATED BY: Rick B FOR: On Thursday, September 22, Dairy Lead Dan G (who is a volunteer firefighter) was summoned to assist with a customer who “passed out” at the Subway restaurant in our shopping plaza. As it turned out, the individual had suffered a heart attack. He was unconscious and had no pulse.

Dan, along with two other volunteer firefighters who happened to be in the plaza, performed CPR and were able to successfully revive the Subway customer. By the time the ambulance arrived the Subway customer was fully conscious. News from the hospital is that the individual will be just fine. VALUE: Doing what’s right

Katie C | Store #6426

NOMINATED BY: Candice G FOR: Katie is the floral lead but also works part of her week in the bakery department. She has learned many new things and stays until the job gets done all the while she has her own department to take care of. I give her a lot of credit for doing all she does for her age with all the aches and pains. Sometimes she has to run back and forth but keeps on going with a smile.  VALUE: Getting Better Every Day

Jeannine H | Store #6091

NOMINATED BY: Stephanie H FOR: Jeannine is a wonderful associate. She is always helping customers and her colleagues. Jeannine goes out of her way to help customers and is always friendly and courteous. Customers appreciate Jeannine’s service and the fact that she stops and takes the time to help. Thank you for setting a wonderful example for other employees! VALUE: Putting the customer first

Wanda W | Store #6445

NOMINATED BY: CJ FOR: Wanda does everything in her power to make everyone around her happy all the time. She’s the type of person everyone wants at their job and I just think she needs to be recognized for it, which I’m sure she already has, but should continue to be! VALUE: Winning Together

Delray C | Store #6434

NOMINATED BY: Connie S FOR: Delray is one of the hardest workers at our store. He could be our only person to bag groceries on a shift and tries to get to help each cashier. He is also one of the nicest and most polite young man I have ever worked with and I have been at Martin’s since they opened in Richmond. He is the kind of person all employers would like to have. VALUE: Winning Together


Robin N | Store #6088

NOMINATED BY: Alycia H FOR: Robin is consistently stepping up to the plate when the pressure is on. While the manager and assistant bakery manager could not work due to prior engagements she took charge and learned everything she needed to. She made sure that that day was a success there wasn’t any other option in her book. She shows plenty of opportunity for growth and I feel she really saved the day!! VALUE: Winning Together

Clarence B | Store #6480

NOMINATED BY: Donna F FOR: Clarence is our baker, he is excellent with our customers.  He goes above and beyond his daily routine to make a customer smile everyday. He always has the time to stop whatever he is doing and go onto the sales floor to speak to the customers who have  little kids getting donuts in the morning. The kids love him and talks to him everyday. Customers always ask when he will be back into work again when he is off. He is dependable and always take the time out to make someone’s day! VALUE: Putting the Customer First

Phil D | Store #6446

NOMINATED BY: Barbara L FOR: Everyday Phil comes in to work he has such a positive attitude. He give 200% everyday. Phil is great with the customers. He is always friendly and will go out of his way to help a customer. Whenever given a task, no matter how big or small, Phil completes with a great attitude. Thanks Phil for always going that extra to make our meat department great! VALUE: Getting Better Every Day

Bartley C | Store #6087

NOMINATED BY: SARA H  FOR: Excellent service to customers. Going above and beyond his daily duties to help the Deli Asst. Mgr. with production, stocking and cleaning. VALUE: Winning Together

Luba L | Store #6123

NOMINATED BY: Deb D  FOR: Luba is one of my cashiers. She is one of the most friendly and out going people I know. She cares for customers and coworkers alike. She gets compliments daily and asked for when she is off by customers. She is very knowledgeable and has great pride in her job. She goes above and beyond. Check our hero box she gets the most scratch cards for compliments!!!! She is just an all around asset at our store!!! VALUE: Getting Better Every Day

Tracy G | Store #6457

NOMINATED BY: Jennifer J FOR: Last month I was out sick for about 3 weeks, Tracy worked 48-50 hours those weeks so we would not fall behind. She also checked in on me pretty much daily to see if i was ok, since I have been back she has done everything she can to make the days easier for me as i get better, she went above and beyond what she had to for me and salad bar/cut fruit wall. In my eyes she is truly a hero and she deserves the recognition for the great employee she is!!! VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Siobhan S | Store #6442

NOMINATED BY: AJ R FOR: Siobhan wears many hats in our store she’s our accountant, backup receiver, and sea. Siobhan is truly a great associate and can always be seen going the extra mile in our store. Recently our entire register system crashed, Siobhan not only rushed to the store but she stayed on the front end bouncing between the office and the front, making calls and re routing customers and associates until the store was fully functional again. Siobhan is a true hero!!!! VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Jenna B | Store #6529


FOR: Jenna is a team player who always put the needs of our customers and employees 1st, and she does it all with a smile! Not only is she the store SEA but you can find her daily working in other departments, helping out where ever she is needed. She works over nights in pricing, making cakes in the bakery, running cash office, working in floral, running register but most of all working side by side other employees to get to know them better to let them know she’s always willing to listen to them by helping out, so our customers always see us at our best!


VALUE: Winning Together

Sophie M | Store #6426


FOR: I just want to say that Sophie goes to the extreme when we need someone to fill a shift I’ve seen her work 13 hrs in a day just to help out the front end she is an excellent person to work with i think she deserves to be recognized in our store more.

VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Justin H Store | #6081


FOR: He achieved the love for the customers at our store! Whenever there was a problem he would fix it no matter what the task.

VALUE: Putting the customer first

Jen C | Store #6324


FOR: I just want to say how wonderful of a Associate this Giant has. I just wanted to say she is how great she and has good customer service skills and is very well on information on a products in the deli department and she is very friendly towards customers.

VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Heidi | STORE #6255


FOR: Customer compliment for delivering something personally…going the extra mile! Also, Heidi is dedicated to her store, her department, and her fellow associates.

VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Kellie L | STORE: #6317


FOR: She is always willing to help the next person whether it be a fellow associate Or customer.

VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Dan | STORE: #6056


FOR: Dan is an excellent associate at the Beer Garden that opened as of April 2016. He shows professionalism and respect to all workers and he does his job very well. He has helped (not only me) through rough times of not thinking I can work on that side of the store how to remain as a leader and do your very best with the skills you’ve learned and don’t worry about it. He is the best and we love him much. He is a true leader.

VALUE: Making Ideas Happen

Bev R | STORE: #6321


FOR: Bev goes above and beyond to ensure her customers and employees all feel special and appreciated!! She is always cheerful and up beat, never refuses to help anyone out, always acknowledges when an employee does something, says please and thank you, engages all the customers, they all know her!! She encourages us to succeed and would not ask us to do anything she wouldn’t do herself!!! She has earned our respect!!

VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Lisa Z | STORE: #6505


FOR: There is not one particular outstanding event that is the reason for this nomination of Lisa. I am nominating her because for years she has consistently put the needs of all associates before her own needs. Lisa has willingly stepped up to fill whatever position was needed at any given time to get a job done. Lisa has often sacrificed her own time off work, as well as holidays, to enable other associates to be off work. Lisa also consistently gives outstanding customer service. In my opinion, Lisa truly is a “Hero” at 6453 and for Giant.

VALUE: Winning Together


Bill | STORE: #6505


FOR: What didn’t this associate achieve? Bill is an exemplary employee. He spent his whole life running his own stores and in his retirement the he couldn’t get away from the business. He came into our store as a part time grocery associate. He out-works everyone in the store hand over fist and went from wanting just a few hours a week to working 30+ hours. He never complains, he never stops working, and all because he is the model employee and wants the store he works at to reflect his own hard work and determination.

VALUE: Winning Together

Linda | STORE: #6294


FOR: Linda is a all around good caring Person towards all other associates. She has helped me personally the best she can when I couldn’t even help myself when times were hard and life got rough she helped me stay focused and on top of my game. She is my hero and many more i am Sure to us at our store.

VALUE: Doing what’s Right


Darren | Store #6074




STORE: #6074

FOR: Service Associate Darren engaging his customer with a little extra help out to her car.

VALUE: Doing what’s Right