Featured Roles:Department Manager

Front End Specialist

Front End Specialists drive operational excellence and effectiveness of the Front End with each store in their assigned districts. They coach Store Management and Front End Associates on both policy and procedure, and motivate them to be better every day. Front End Specialists provide best-in-class customer service and ensure the smooth operation of key functions in the store. They work closely with District Directors and Directors Store Support for day-to-day execution and overall strategy and guidance.


Manager Human Resources

Human Resource Managers lead the company’s efforts in being a better place to work. They serve as an advocate for associates while also representing the business in the areas of employee relations, compensation and benefits. HR Managers help ensure associates are provided with a safe and engaging workplace. They lead development and training efforts, assisting the store leadership with performance management and succession planning to best build a winning team.

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Director Store Support

Directors Store Support drive sales and profitability, and support GIANT/MARTIN’S stores through the implementation of cost containment/cost saving programs, improved operations methods, oversight of the direct labor budgeting & forecasting responsibilities, and Front End programs and initiatives. They provide Operations support in relation to such initiatives as implementing and sustaining performance improvement programs, and retail technology roll-outs and execution. With a focus on supporting division customers, these teams work every day on making the company a better place to shop.

The Power to Boost Your Career is Yours

mmc2You have the power to create your path. We want to give you the information you need to take that next step. Speak with your manager about development opportunities that could help you grow into the career path that interests you. Follow the guide below to learn about key roles and potential career options at GIANT/MARTIN’S. The guide also shows some of the core roles in your functional area and some cross-functional positions that are possible moves on your career path.