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Specialists District Sales & Merchandising

District Specialists consistently execute merchandising programs and are responsible for the success and operational effectiveness of the stores. They are responsible for building sales, developing talent, providing local feedback to teams and creating a culture of selling. District Specialists demonstrate best practices, and coach and mentor their teams. They work closely with District Director and Director Sales & Merchandising for day-to-day execution and overall strategy and guidance.

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Center Store Manager

Center Store Managers drive the success and operational effectiveness of the Grocery and General Merchandise areas within the stores in their respective districts. They build sales, develop talent, provide local feedback to Center Store teams and create a culture of selling. Center Store Managers demonstrate expertise, knowledge and an understanding of how to best run the Center Store departments with the ultimate outcome of driving sales.

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Director Sales & Marketing

Directors of Sales & Merchandising provide strategic insight on the competitive marketplace and internal stores, and communicate issues and opportunities with all  pertinent departments. They drive sales, merchandising and performance profitability in their assigned departments and partner with central Merchandising to develop store plans and offer valuable input to the company. Directors of Sales & Merchandising lead merchandising strategies to achieve sales budgets and profit goals including pricing, merchandising, special promotions, assortment and advertising. Directors of Sales & Merchandising provide guidance to District Specialists on specific product areas and work closely with Operations teams to execute merchandising strategies.

The Power to Boost Your Career is Yours

mmc2You have the power to create your path. We want to give you the information you need to take that next step. Speak with your manager about development opportunities that could help you grow into the career path that interests you. Follow the guide below to learn about key roles and potential career options at GIANT/MARTIN’S. The guide also shows some of the core roles in your functional area and some cross-functional positions that are possible moves on your career path.