heroesgraphicWe think all of our Associates are stars, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about. They’re our heroes!

Tell us about your hero using the form on this page. Send a picture too, if you can. We’ll feature as many heroes as we can here and around the site to put them in the spotlight and tell them how awesome they are.

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All Your Latest Featured Heroes

John P | Store #6325

NOMINATED BY: John is our Store Manager, and he has instilled a sense of customer care in the store that makes me proud to be an employee! On Christmas Eve, a customer came into the store and proceeded to explain to me how she had been looking for a wreath all over town and how none of the stores had any left. She explained how her twin sister was unable to make it home, to lay one on her son’s grave who had committed suicide years ago and the family always remembered him with a Christmas wreath. I knew the store was out of wreaths as well, but when I asked John if there was anything we could do. He went immediately to the office where he had put aside a wreath to take home for his family. Without hesitating he gave the wreath to this customer and wished her a Merry Christmas. It would have been easy for John to say we had no wreaths (he hadn’t even heard her story), but with John the customer always comes first! VALUE: Putting the Customer First

Janice F | Store #6292

NOMINATED BY: Stefen S FOR:  Janice goes above and beyond to help anyone in the front end as well as the entire store! VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Stefen P | Store #6055

NOMINATED BY: Aleshia E FOR:  He is always helping everyone. He is the sweetest guy ever and always has a smile on his face. VALUE: Doing what’s Right

Dorene D | Store #6447

NOMINATED BY: Mallory P FOR: She goes above and beyond every day to make sure the job is done and done well. She works extra hours and double shifts. She is the glue in our department and makes everything run smoothly. We’d fall apart without her! VALUE: Winning Together

Autumn K | Store #6534

NOMINATED BY: Laura T FOR: Autumn has gone above and beyond in her title as Lead Checkout coach. Autumn not only has great customer service skills but her ability to train, develop and excite her front end. I look forward to seeing her career develop! Thank you Autumn for all of your hard work! VALUE: Winning Together

Sherry S | Store #6542

Sherry Shepard AC GC


NOMINATED BY: Joe J FOR: Sherry works in store #6542, she jumped into help open #6539 on Grand Opening Day and the following 2 days – And WOW !!!! She did a great job engaging with the customers. Sherry multi tasked on the first 3 days of the Grand Opening from helping with samples and getting the meat department ready for business.  Meat / Seafood Specialist Joe J would like to recognize Sherry as a district 141 Hero. Thanks Sherry for your outstanding dedication at MY GIANT! VALUE: Getting Better Everyday

Tim B | Store # 6120

NOMINATED BY: Laura C FOR: On December 1st, we had an incident at our fuel site where a customer’s vehicle engine caught fire. The customer immediately moved the vehicle away from the the site and that’s when Tim sprang into action. After notifying store management, he ran out, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and he calmly put the fire out. Tim prevented potentially, a very serious situation. Great job, Tim! VALUE: Doing What’s Right

Sandra J | Store # 6435

NOMINATED BY: Matthew K FOR: Sandra always goes above and beyond to to make our store better and have it looking great for the customers.  She is always decorating the store for the customers to enjoy! VALUE: Getting Better Every Day