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heroesgraphicWe think all of our Associates are stars, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about. They’re our heroes!

Tell us about your hero using the form on this page. Send a picture too, if you can. We’ll feature as many heroes as we can here and around the site to put them in the spotlight and tell them how awesome they are.

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All Your Latest Featured Heroes

Eugene and Store Team: Front Royal, VA


I lost my mom in law on 11/27. My Martin’s family went above and beyond for me. Our store Manager, Eugene, called me with words of encouragement and prayers on days during her illness when I didn’t even know I needed it till we hung up. The Meat Department Manager, Tony, and his team kept my department (I’m the seafood lead) running while I was out caring for her. Phyllis, our meat wrapper stopped by or called daily to check on her and I. I received several calls and texts making sure I was ok. I’d say I work with a whole store of Heros.


Tawna B: Owings Mills, MD


Tawna goes out of her way for customers all the time. On Nov 30,2017, a customer came in to ask if he could get a cake that was needed for the next day. It was 11 am, and he asked if he could have it by 4 pm.  Tawna said “yes”. I watched her so hard making booties for the cake decorations. She then adjusted the container so that the cake would fit without the booties getting smashed. She would not give up until she got it right. That is someone that cares about her customers, and her work. It is such a joy working with her and learning from her. I have never seen someone working so hard under pressure, and doing it so well. She needs to be recognized for all the hard work she does. She never gives up on an idea for a customer.


Tyler: Winchester, VA


Tyler is always willing to help out. Whenever I need help catching up on carts, emptying trash, or anything else I may need help with. I know I can count on Tyler to get the job done.

VALUE: Teamwork

Jenny E: Hagerstown, MD


Jenny always greets everyone with a smile and friendly hello. She’s there for anyone who has any issues to talk us through it in a very soothing way. Jenny can be seen all over the store jumping in anywhere she can help. She is an all around hard worker and a genuine nice lady!


Jessica S: Phoenixville, PA


Jessica is the most helpful grocery associates I have ever worked with! She is completely dedicated to her job and her knowledge of her job is remarkable. She is eager to assist customers with anything from finding a product to getting it ordered, so that we can get it in for that customer. She knows where everything is in the store and she always is chipper and ready to work. This is the kind of attitude and dedication all of our associates should have and I believe she has to potential to move up in this company.

VALUE: Integrity

Joan S: Bensalem, PA


On Thursday November 2, an elderly woman came down her lane. She did not have enough money on her card to pay for all her groceries. After she paid for what she had enough money for, Joan took out her own debit card and paid for the rest of the groceries that the women really needed.


Gloria G: Coopersburg, PA


Gloria stayed with a customer that had collapsed on the front end. The customer was a diabetic patient that had just come from dialysis. Gloria stayed with the customer the whole time until the paramedics came to help the gentleman. She talked to the man and kept him calm. She rubbed his back and kept talking to him. The customer didn’t go to the hospital. He gave Gloria a big hug and thanked her before he left.


Amber G: Mt Joy, PA


I really think that Amber should be considered for a position as a check out coach. She always jumps in to help us  and she knows the front end very well and takes pride in her job. Amber is always friendly and always has a smile on her face. She a great team player. Please keep up the good work!

VALUE: Teamwork