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heroesgraphicWe think all of our Associates are stars, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about. They’re our heroes!

Tell us about your hero using the form on this page. Send a picture too, if you can. We’ll feature as many heroes as we can here and around the site to put them in the spotlight and tell them how awesome they are.

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All Your Latest Featured Heroes

Scott | Store #6476

NOMINATED BY: Charles K FOR: I recently lost my beloved Sandy to cancer. Sandy was  a 10-year-Associate at Giant Store #6476 in Quakertown, PA. The staff at Giant Pharmacy #333 sent me a really nice card. They took it upon themselves to do this. I talked to Scott, the Pharmacy Manager, today to say thank you. VALUE: Doing What’s Right

Haley A | Store #6453

NOMINATED BY: Charlotte K FOR: Haley began working at Giant as a high school student and continued working as a college student. Haley always comes to work with a smile ready and willing to take on a new challenge.  She started as a cashier and then was moved into produce as that department needed help.  She would come to work early in the morning to set up the salad bar or cut fruit and vegetables. When an associate was needed for our floral department, she willingly took on the challenge. Haley has a warm heart for our customers, and is always kind and considerate. She is engaging and extends her kindness to all associates.  Haley is a wonderful asset to Giant. VALUE: Winning Together

Nicole H | Store #6266

NOMINATED BY: Amanda B FOR: Nicole is always improving in customer care. She makes customers feel welcome and cared for. It is a joy to work with her. She is always willing to take extra shifts when needed, and complies with requests. Nicole is a blessing for our store. VALUE: Getting Better Every Day

Barbara L | Store #6446

NOMINATED BY: Scott H FOR: Barb has been my assistant Meat Manager for about a year now. She has come so far as to help me with most of my many duties. She frees me up so I can take care of the service case which is one of the top sellers in the company.  She never misses a day of work and is always willing to help. She takes a lot of pride in what she does and is very proud of her accomplishments and does a great job when given a task.  She is a benefit to the department and an asset to the company. I’m suggesting that she should go into a manager training program. She will do very well.  VALUE: Winning Together

Barry L | Store #6332

NOMINATED BY: Jamie M FOR: Barry is out going always stops what he is doing to help anyone at any time! He is always happy and helpful to the customers and Associates. He works hard and gets his job done! VALUE: Putting the Customer First

Becky & Andrea | Store #6463

NOMINATED BY: Terri K FOR: These two ladies opened the store at 6 am during the peak of a major snowstorm.  They traveled on snow and sleet-covered roads, even before some were plowed.  They took on various roles in different departments so that our store remained open.  When other local businesses closed, Giant stayed open, due in large part to Becky and Andrea’s willingness and effort. VALUE: Doing What’s Right

Valerie C | Store #6435

NOMINATED BY: Tanya B FOR: She’s a person of a unique style. She’s goes above & beyond her call of duty as a cashier. She always improving in what she does. She’s friendly with a contagious smile. Valerie assists  with her co-associates whenever their is a need.  She always doing something to better the company. She is focus, consistent and reliable. I am so blessed to have her a part of our team. VALUE: Winning Together

Jolene J | Store #6534

NOMINATED BY: Andrew FOR: Jolene always has a smile on her face and knows how to make her customers happy. I have seen her go above and beyond to do the right thing. She recognized by customers they are always giving her great compliments. To me Jolene is a wonderful addition to Giant food store!!!! VALUE: Putting the Customer First