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Our Heroes Rally Each Other to Serve The Salvation Army

Giant’s heroes were out in full force to support The Salvation Army. Giant Store #6447 on Linglestown Rd. in Harrisburg, PA, and Store #6529 in Enola, PA, partnered with HOT 93.5 FM to hold Thanksgiving Food Drives recently. Giant shoppers donated 134 very full boxes of food needed for holiday food baskets and a desktop kettle stuffed with cash!

Two Giant heroes at the Enola store really stood out. As soon as HOT 93.5 set up its display, one Associate gave us $20. A staff member of The Salvation Army thanked and high fived her, and she said “We got you man!” Then she proceeded to encourage her coworkers to donate as well so they could help other people together. Her positive enthusiasm set the tone for everyone in that store that Sunday morning!